Today I uploaded a new web cast for Windows Phone and SharePoint 2010.


1. How to authorization on SharePoint 2010 
2. SharePoint API Auth
3. Using Auth classes and methods
4. Sample how to use FBA for authorization
5. How to get and set data

You can see video this-

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Hi all. 26 may 2011 year Microsoft University Online will be starts. Web casts will be at Thursday about 16:00 – 17:30. Speaker – Sergey Belskiy, I am. Speaking language – Russian


26 May: Planning and deploy SharePoint on your company (add in calendar)
– what choose Foundation or Standard or Enterprise;
– Plus and minus SharePoint Foundation;
– Plus and minus  SharePoint Standard or Enterprise;
– How can deploy SharePoint 2010;
– Deploy SharePoint 2010 Foundation on Windows 7;
– Deploy SharePoint 2010 Standard Standalone on Windows 2008 R2;
– Deploy SharePoint 2010 Standard farm on Windows 2008 R2.
2 June: Organization workflows your company and configure with helping SharePoint 2010 (add in calendar)
– Content types, what is means “HUB”;
– Use document templates;
– Collaboration use documents;
– Use metadata, filters, grouping and sorting for search documents;
– How uses workflows;
– How works Help Desk;
– Workflow for approve documents;
– Workflow for singing documents.
9 June: Integration SharePoint 2010 with Microsoft Office (add in calendar)
– Use Word service;
– Use Excel service;
– Use WorkSpace;
– Use Access service;
– Use Microsoft Outlook 2010 and contents SharePoint.
16 June: Integration Profile Services and DC in company (add in calendar)
– How to work with big data. BLOB + SQL FileStream;
– Use DataSet;
– Profile services;
– My Sites.
23 June: Security in SharePoint 2010 (add in calendar)
– Use RMS;
– Configure permission users;
– Limits, Quota.
30 June: Publish extranet sites SharePoint 2010  (add in calendar)                 –Configure alternative paths;
– Publish extranet sites with using proxy server;
– Claim (Windows Live, ADFS);
– Configure SSL.

How to connect webcast:

Levels webcasts – 100, 200.

Configure InfoPath Form service in SharePoint 2010. Create templates InfoPath and deploy them in the SharePoint 2010.


You can see this video –

You can this video

You can see this video –

I used JavaScript and SharePoint 2010 Designer. You may see this video –

You can see –