Microsoft University Online: Starting with SharePoint 2010

May 6, 2011

Hi all. 26 may 2011 year Microsoft University Online will be starts. Web casts will be at Thursday about 16:00 – 17:30. Speaker – Sergey Belskiy, I am. Speaking language – Russian


26 May: Planning and deploy SharePoint on your company (add in calendar)
– what choose Foundation or Standard or Enterprise;
– Plus and minus SharePoint Foundation;
– Plus and minus  SharePoint Standard or Enterprise;
– How can deploy SharePoint 2010;
– Deploy SharePoint 2010 Foundation on Windows 7;
– Deploy SharePoint 2010 Standard Standalone on Windows 2008 R2;
– Deploy SharePoint 2010 Standard farm on Windows 2008 R2.
2 June: Organization workflows your company and configure with helping SharePoint 2010 (add in calendar)
– Content types, what is means “HUB”;
– Use document templates;
– Collaboration use documents;
– Use metadata, filters, grouping and sorting for search documents;
– How uses workflows;
– How works Help Desk;
– Workflow for approve documents;
– Workflow for singing documents.
9 June: Integration SharePoint 2010 with Microsoft Office (add in calendar)
– Use Word service;
– Use Excel service;
– Use WorkSpace;
– Use Access service;
– Use Microsoft Outlook 2010 and contents SharePoint.
16 June: Integration Profile Services and DC in company (add in calendar)
– How to work with big data. BLOB + SQL FileStream;
– Use DataSet;
– Profile services;
– My Sites.
23 June: Security in SharePoint 2010 (add in calendar)
– Use RMS;
– Configure permission users;
– Limits, Quota.
30 June: Publish extranet sites SharePoint 2010  (add in calendar)                 –Configure alternative paths;
– Publish extranet sites with using proxy server;
– Claim (Windows Live, ADFS);
– Configure SSL.

How to connect webcast:

Levels webcasts – 100, 200.


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